27 -John Osbourne –

27 -Ozzy Osbourne –

3 December 1948 (age 69) Aston, Birmingham, England,
Residence: Buckinghamshire, England, U.K.
Los Angeles, CA Nationality: British
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Artist

John Osbourne (aka Ozzy Osbourne)
A night of barking at the moon following his May 14, 1984
tour stop at Memphis’ Mid-South Coliseum ended with
Ozzy Osbourne in the drunk tank. He was arrested at 12:30AM on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication, after the cops said they found the former Black Sabbath frontman “staggering drunk” in Memphis’ Beale Street entertainment district. “See, I can’t have a casual line of coke — that doesn’t equate in my head,” Osbourne later admitted. “I never went to the bar for a drink, I never smoked a joint.
I used to go into a bar to get absolutely s—faced. It didn’t really occur to methat other people were going there for a drink.”

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